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ZLWhatsApp Download Update V32 version 2024

WhatsApp Plus zlwhatsapp ZLWhatsApp - ZL-WhatsApp ZLWhatsApp version 32 latest update plus 

WhatsApp ZLWhatsApp version zlmods ZLWhatsApp zlmods is the best ZLWhatsApp apk is distinguished from all other versions of WhatsApp developed by many features Zelzal WhatsApp against blocking your number by WhatsApp company and there are many legendary and distinctive additions to it. You can see the most prominent additions and advantages of ZLWhatsApp - ZLWhatsApp 2024 below as you can Download zlwhatsapp V31 from the direct link below this article.

ZLWhatsApp version twenty 32.00 as a file ready to download and install apk

Dear visitor, we are downloading a regular WhatsApp update for ZLWhatsApp, and every update and new version of WhatsApp. How does the earthquake happen on WhatsApp? Distinctive features and touches are added to everyone’s favorite WhatsApp Zelzal application. If there is an addition that you would like us to add to  ZLWhatsApp , all you have to do is write it to us in a comment. We will work on it and add it to WhatsApp, God willing.

Download ZLWhatsApp, the best WhatsApp, latest update, ZLWhats App 2024

This is an article about the latest update  Download zlwhatsapp to open more than one zl-whatsapp account on your phone, and it is WhatsApp. In addition to the official one, downloading ZLWhatsApp contains advanced features and it is also a safe and anti-ban version.

Download the ZLWhatsApp update with the new version

Download ZLWhatsApp 2024 apk
 WhatsApp plus Update ZLWhatsApp 

New additions in the new WhatsApp update, ZLWhatsApp

  1. {Update WhatsApp base} to
  2. {Add} Separate download option for each conversation.
  3. {Add}The option to return to the old main interface (Earthquake Add-ons > Home Screen > Top Bar - Top Bar Style > Home UI Style).
  4. {Add} You can now read all the archive of modified messages.
  5. {Activate} Adding a second number from the same copy.
  6. {Activate} the new settings format.
  7.  {Activate} Create a pseudonym for yourself (you must wait for official activation from the server).
  8.  {Activate} Add your email to your phone number.
  9.  {Activate} The option to be accepted by the group supervisor when a new person enters the group.
  10. {Add} Return to the previous WhatsApp interface.
  11. {Add} Save feature for new video messages.
  12. {Activate} You can send a quick video by pressing the microphone button once within the conversation.
  13. {Activate} Pin the message for 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days.
  14. {Activate} Sending photos/videos in high resolution.
  15. {Activate} Share status on Facebook.
  16. {Update} Added one option to hide audio recording/video message from being heard.
  17. {Improvement} Notifications option (Earthquake Add-ons > Notifications) Notifications of who has become online & who has viewed your status & who has changed their profile picture have been improved.
  18. {Improvement} Add an icon next to the messages that have been modified.

Additions of version 31 of the ZLWhatsApp Plus application ZLWhatsApp version updates

  • Ban protection has been improved and WhatsApp's temporary ban protection has been increased.
  • [Add] Open more than one WhatsApp account easily, like Telegram.
  • [Add] Customize automatic media download for each chat.
  • [Added] New options on WhatsApp earthquake for downloading statuses. You can (copy the text in the image, share, etc.).
  • [Add] The option for self-disappearing messages is available on WhatsApp in the recent earthquake.
  • [Add] Change the voice on WhatsApp to change the voice (the chat screen has options by clicking on the three dots in the corner of the screen and then changing the voice).
  • [Add] An option to hide the privacy terms notice ( ZLMods Add-ons ← Settings ← Hide Privacy Message). You can hide it without accepting it.
  • [Add] A confirmation message before sending the earthquake sticker on WhatsApp.
  • [Add] Option to delete downloaded emoji packages.
  • [Add] A circle next to the name on the home page to see who is online now.
  • [Add] Added a blue tick when replying to groups (automatically enabled with a regular blue tick in the reply option).
  • [Add] Activate the theme via the ZIP file.
  • [Add] Copy part of the text by selecting the desired message, then Options, then copying part of the text.
  • [Add] Advanced search {You can search by testing search for (image'animation', video'document'links'audio clip)}.
  • [Add] An option inside archived messages to show new archived messages within the list of archived messages.
  • [Add] Long press on the story content to copy the content. 

 To download WhatsApp Quake Update No. 31.0 WhatsApp next to the official one

Download WhatsApp Plus ZLWhatsApp latest update ZLWhatsApp plus 32

Download the best WhatsApp ever, ZLWhatsApp Plus

Download ZLWhatsApp

You can also download ZLWhatsApp for the latest update from the official website - download the zl-whatsapp WhatsApp file easily 

Download WhatsApp, ZLWhatsApp is the best zl WhatsApp in the world with great features and an attractive and legendary look.

The most prominent features of the previous ZLWhatsApp update. Read the features of WhatsApp Plus 

There are many unlimited features available from the ZLWhatsApp plus add-ons, which we cannot mention in full, and we will present the most important and most prominent additions.

  • [Feature] Forward the message to more than 5 people.
  • [Add] Group message toZLWhatsApp groups .
  • [Add] Notification from someone who has seen your status.
  • [Added] The feature of displaying messages sent to the group for each member.
  • [Add] The mention feature from the main screen. @ appears. If someone mentions you or responds to your message in a group, @ appears on the main screen.
  • [Add] Automatic reply feature.
  • [Add] Scheduled messages feature.
  • [Add] Alkasir VPN proxy feature for countries where communication via WhatsApp is prohibited. You can turn on the VPN and connect with ease.
  • [Add] The effects feature in WhatsApp, home screen effects and chat scrolling.
  • [Add] The feature of changing the duration and location of a notification (see your status/change his profile picture) either at the top, middle, or bottom of the screen.
  • [Add] The feature of changing the font color and background of a notification (see your status / change his profile picture).
  • [Added] The feature of knowing the person admin of the group by displaying the word admin next to his number on the chat screen.
  • [Add] A clause to clear WhatsApp leftovers as it was in the old form and add all the clauses of the old design.
  • [Add] The feature of choosing the status that you want the other person to know that you have seen.
  • [Add] An exclusive feature of changing the status background color, changing the status font color, and adding new fonts to the status and ready-made styles for the status. 

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